Every year we support charities with a donation from each Christmas Card sale.

2015 - £15,396.44

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust helps disadvantaged and young people to fulfil their potential and have the chance to succeed in life. 

2015 Charity Image

To find out more about their vital work with disadvantaged young people please visit, tel: 0800 842 842 or email

2014 - £3020.84

Racehorse Relief, Redwings, NAWT & Heavy Horse Society

Racehorse Relief rehabilitates ex-racehorses and finds them forever homes. NAWT and Redwings have been long time friends of ours and love what they do.

2014 Charity Image


2013 - £3000

NAWT & Redwings

Following our longstanding relationship (and a couple of adoptions) with NAWT we are pleased to offer our support again. We also supported Redwings, the UK’s largest horse sanctuary.

2013 Charity Image


2011 - £4028

Invictus Trust

The Invictus Trust is a small charity that aims to support and offer services to teenagers who are suffering from poor mental health and associated issues.

2011 Charity Image

2010 - £4026


The National Animal Welfare trust provides care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted animals of all kinds. In particular they attempt to find suitable new homes for such animals.  

2010 Charity Image

2009 - £3130.84

Flicka Foundation

Started by Mary Berryman and named after her first rescued pony the Flicka foundation is a horse & donkey sanctuary. Caring for a range of animals from horses to cats.

2009 Charity Image

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